Sand Hill, Inc. (SHI) understands the value of the formal planning stage. It has been said, “Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.”

Miscommunications among the project stakeholders — both project team members and customers — are a major cause of project failure. The goal at Sand Hill, Inc. is to consistently enhance the likelihood of project success. To this end, we strongly encourage and support robust project planning efforts.

Among the core planning processes that Sand Hill, Inc. can assist you include: Scope Planning, Scope Definition, Activity Definition, Activity Sequencing, Activity Duration Estimation, Schedule Development, Resource Planning, Cost Estimation and Budgeting.

Strategic Project Planning

Sand Hill, Inc. can work with your firm to develop measurable objectives and identify the methods by which the project team will deliver those objectives. The definition and use of objective measures ensures against scope creep by setting the boundaries of the project’s scope. Once the project goals have been identified, the following step is to make a formal risk assessment.

Front-End Planning

Sand Hill, Inc. will outline the process that creates a strong, early link between the business need, project strategy, scope, cost and schedule. By defining and incorporating the link between the business need and project strategy to the execution parameters of scope, cost and schedule, the vital link transfers purpose and key ramifications to all levels and phases of project execution. Front-End Planning should be designed to maintain that link throughout the project life.

Project Scope Development

In developing the Project Scope, Sand Hill, Inc. will verify that the goals and objectives of the project are aligned with the project’s parameters and resources. The needs of an organization can change over the course of the project. The typical response of many organizations is to attempt to morph the current project scope into one that meets their current needs. Sand Hill, Inc. helps set up reasonable gates at which time project goals and scope can be analyzed to ensure that the project still meets the needs of the project. As the project scope is modified, it is important to recognize the impact on the original scope, cost and schedule of the project and, importantly, the impact on project risk. The project scope development process documents the characteristics and boundaries of the project, the methods of acceptance and impacts on scope control.