Edward Maleszewski, Founder of Sand Hill, Inc.

Ed is a proven and skilled engineer and construction management professional. Before launching Sand Hill, Ed delivered on more than $3 billion dollars worth of projects and has nearly 40 years of experience.

Sand Hill, Inc. is a construction management, scheduling and engineering firm designed to facilitate complex projects. With a team that brings a profusion of skill and experience, Sand Hill is looked to for their execution capabilities. Our principals have worked on every side of the construction industry–as designers, general contractors, planners, and procurement specialists. The Sand Hill staff offer top-of-the-line scheduling services and construction management. We have serviced over 100 clients, including many Fortune 500 Companies.  


Sand Hill, Inc. is the recognized benchmark global supplier of Scheduling and Project Management Services to clients who share our values.

The vision for success is rooted in a client and trust-centered approach to doing business: we always act in the client’s best interest. This straightforward approach places the owner’s interest at the center of all decision-making. The Sand Hill team is committed to engaging the same depth of relationship with the client, to establish a certain level of trust, whether our engaged involvement is a discrete aspect of the project or it spans the life of a construction or capital improvement project. It is this trust-centered approach that elevates the integrity of the project, produces timely achievement of important milestones, and accomplishes institutional goals and objectives. We operate exclusively from the vantage point of the owner, offering expertise and resources to ensure the highest quality outcome on schedule and on budget.

We think outside the box, rather than accept an approach because that is the way it has always been done. Sand Hill is committed to innovation and quality. We believe that success is rarely achieved without new ideas. Our team can help think bigger picture, beyond the sometimes limited self-interest of individual stakeholders, providing solutions ranging from logistical planning to cost savings ideas.

Our Clients appreciate the skill, depth, and creative analysis we bring to both the boardroom and construction site.  They respect our willingness to tell the truth–even when it is not what they want to hear.  And they value our 24/7 availability.

Jesse Maleszewski, MBA, PMP, President

Bringing knowledge in capital, scheduling, and project management, Jesse has been leading the company’s client-centered approach since 2004.